Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I like language, buat my language have some problems.

I would like to say, that im trying my hard now to speak in English. and also writing.. (Im sorry if i did any mistake in grammar or misuse of words. Im just an ordinary tall boy) =)

My lecturer said, when i first enter IPG, my english is good, and i can converse in English quite good.. But now he said, MY ENGLISH IS TROUBLE.! (seriously, i am quite dissappointed with what he said. I tend to say that he didnt say something that can encourage me to improve my English! SIRR!!!

But when i looked back, he spoke the truth.. maybe it is me who forgot to practice my English since my friends, my surroundings n my class didnt support me to practice my English, just like I was in secondary school.. So, FYI this is one of my step to improve my English...=)

Apart from that, i want to practice my japanese as well.. I have some knowledge about Japanese language which i learnt in UM a few years ago when i was to continue my studies in Japan.. But unfortunately, Allah give me a small test that make me quit from taking the course.. whatever happened, i say Alhamdulillah..=)

Maybe after this, i will go to learn Arabic..=)

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