Monday, August 20, 2012

Aku masih ada Allah

Hari ni sbnarnya hari yg aku tunggu2..=)

Da lama da tunggu, akhirnya smpai jgak..=D

Tp bila da smpai tu, ap yg aku tunggu2kan sbnarnya xsperti yg aku harapkan..
Seriously, i expected earlier about the thing..

but, nevermind.. at least Allah is still beside me.
Always 'talking' to me,
Always 'advising' me,
Always giving me everything,
Always loving me..=)

Even for me, what happened to me was a negative answer, i am thakful to Allah, my creator..
bcuz i couldn't really see what happened outside there actually, and luckily when someone put his believe to Allah, then he will realise that Allah has created a wonderful route for him to follow..

So, u dont have to be sad, yan.. U still have Allah..=)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this little note and significant photo. I cried reading this. Hope Allah forgive me over my sins.